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Patient Resources

Patient resources and fact sheets.

As an OClinic patient, you have a significantly better chance of success because you are looked after by an entire team of experts rather than by a solo surgeon. Meet them here.

Your first step in becoming an OClinic patient is to tell us a bit about yourself – just download the forms below. Plus, once you’ve had your surgery, you’ll find diet details and other valuable fact sheets below.

New Patient Forms





Dietary Fact Sheets

  PreSurgery Optifast Liver shrinkage diet

  Band & Sleeve Fluid Phase weeks 1&2 post-op

  Band & Sleeve Puree Phase weeks 3 & 4 post-op

  Band & Sleeve Solid Phase from week 5 onwards

  Lapband What To Expect long term

  Troubleshooting Dietary Difficulties with the Band

  Band & Sleeve Iron Supplement advice

  Band & Sleeve Multivitamin Supplement Advice

  Vitamin D

Consent Forms

  Consent for LAGB

  Consent for Sleeve Gastrectomy

  Consent for Orbera Balloon


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